In my short time living, I’ve gained life lessons that have shaped my thinking. these lessons have motivated me in creating this project and forming a community.

  • Truth is unapologetic so don’t be too proud to accept it wherever it comes from. a lesson can be learn at any point.

  • Contemplation is golden.

  • Disagreement doesnt equate to hatred.

  • It’s not illigal to have some fun.

  • Being part of a community is a blessing.

With these lessons, my hope is to create a community full of individuals that love knowledge, kind and humble. humans are not perfect but we can strive to what is best in a positive environment!

        Hi there! I’m Mohamed, An avid daydreamer with an addiction to listening, contemplating, sharing and gaming! I’m an aspiring medic with a passion for learning and connecting. Also, firm believer of open and HONEST discussions to eradicate ignorance! my interests include (and are not limited to) Science, History & Theology… Basically, my background is science heavy, my interests are many and I’ve got ears a-plenty!

I listen to the ideas, thoughts and experiences, through their many avenues. My focus mainly lies on understanding the information entirely. Absorb and contemplate on individual and communal ideas, thoughts, experiences and also through book and research articles, creating an environment where we can humbly learn and understand. Share what I learned and turn them into 200-word digestible lessons for all to tune in.

I also stream gaming, pomodoro sessions and other events for all to tune in!